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Badhai Ho Box Office Collection

Badhaai ho Box Office Collection

Bahaai Ho is a comedy-drama Bollywood movie. This movie is making headline due to its unique story, Amit Sharma is the director of this movie and you will see Ayusman Khurrana in the lead role.

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Badhai Ho Box Office Collection

Badhaai Ho Box Office Collection Day wise Collection (Cr)
1st Day Collection 7.29 Cr
2nd Day Collection 11.67 Cr
3rd Day Collection 12.50
4th Day Collection 13.70 Cr
5th Day Collection 5.65 Cr
6th Day Collection 5.50 Cr
7th Day Collection 5 Cr
8th Day Collection 4.25 Cr
9th Day Collection 3.40 Cr
10th Day Collection 6.60 Cr
Badhaai ho Total Box Office Collection 137.31 Cr


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